Democracy Voucher Program

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What is the Democracy Voucher Program?

The Democracy Voucher Program offers a new way for Seattle residents to participate in local government by supporting campaigns and/or running for office themselves.

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How does the Democracy Voucher Program work?

  1. The SEEC will distribute Democracy Vouchers to eligible Seattle residents.
  2. Candidates who may receive vouchers are listed on theĀ participating candidates’ page.
  3. Residents will assign vouchers by writing in the eligible candidates’ name, date the voucher was assigned, and resident’s signature on each voucher.
  4. Democracy Vouchers may be returned directly to a candidate’s campaign or mailed to the SEEC.
  5. The SEEC will verify the signature on each voucher before releasing funds to the campaigns.
  6. All contributions are public information. Your name and the candidate(s) you give your voucher(s) to are public information and will be published on theĀ program data page.
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